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to a quarter inch. a third of an inch in gaithersburg and a quarter inch at dulles airport. no rain in the forecast today. nothing but sunshine. 52 and mostly sunny at 9:00, 62 and sunny skies at noon and 66 degrees and mostly sunny at 5:00. let's check on traffic with angela foster. >> we are very nicely for this tuesday morning drive. an excellent start. only dodging traffic cones. no accidents to report so far this morning. traveling around the beltway in maryland and virginia, in maryland, a live look at montgomery county at connecticut avenue, no work zones. the left lane is blocked in each direction crossing the northwest branch. in virginia, not much in terms of trouble spots. there's an active work zone on southbound 95 between falmouth and frederick. stay to the left. back to you. >> thank you. pipa good morning, angela. -- good morning. >> the pressure on president obama to have a better performance against mitt romney tonight. >> it's a town hall format in new york tonight with questions from the audience. >> tonight's debate will be a town hall, which means audience memb
the west. will increaserain throughout the day. 66 in the district, 67 at dulles, 66 in gaithersburg. temperatures will top out in the 70's. occasional showers especially in afternoon with a few thunderstorms. on thethe latest forecast. .et's check on traffic >> a couple items. first, prince william police say roadhbound sudley lemond drive is closed. as far as interstate '95, southbound near rte. 3, overnight construction is gone, northbound it looks like all the open. lanes are maryland, around the beltway, when 93 university the road work is gone and it looks good near new avenue.e >> fire investigators try to find out what sparked a three- fire at a storage facility after 11:00. >> of video on youtube shows the that burned for at thisr an hour facility on sudley road. four units sustained damage. s reported. in montana, two local men vanished while hiking. they are both veterinarians from virginia. one ofssey spoke with the man's mother is about. the about the missing hiker's suv's friend'ss in his his mother says the two were supposed to fly back to dulles never made
in gaithersburg and laytonsville, 51 in bethesda, 55 in college park and 50 in bowie. we talked about this. with the dry air mass and clear sky temps will fall like a stone. the winds need to die down for them to real cool off. i think they will after midnight, still gusting to 17 miles per hour in leesburg and gaithersburg and a 30 mile-per- hour wind gust last hour at national. cover your plants. dress for the 40s and 50s tonight. pretty nice. breezy and warmer on sunday and warm, a little unsettled monday, but with temps in the 70s i think we can dance around the few showers. for tonight clear, colder, frost or freeze possible. winds diminish, lows 30 to 42. we had to open up that range of temperatures. we're looking at 30 or 31 in gaithersburg, 32 in rockville, 33 in college park and 34 in bowie. 31 in reston and sterling and 30 in leesburg and manassas, right around 31 or 32 in fairfax. definitely the coldest night of the season and again the frost advisories expand a bit now to include the district and prince george's county, freeze warnings in effect north and west of town. so tomor
to fall here in town. the wind is still blowing just a little bit. gaithersburg has come up out of the 30s back up into the lower 40s and ght depends on -- we have the clear skies, the cooler air coming in behind the front earlier today. so that's funneling in, but if the winds stay up a little bit, it will keep temperatures from bottoming out in places. you can see most of the readings around and to the west of us are calm. here in the city we're still 13 miles per hour. that's what's keeping temperatures up in the lower 50s and i suspect that overnight tonight wind speeds will be down around 5, 6 miles per hour. so it definitely means it's going to be real cold in spots. freeze warning in places north and west. that includes montgomery county, just a frost advisory here in town and down to fairfax county, prince george's county and over towards the bay and anne arundel county, but again all those purple counties north and west, that's where it's going to get real cold tonight flirting with freezing, if not briefly dropping below freezing. nice fall day tomorrow and a bit of a warm-up thi
the divide it's a whole other world. 49 in fredericksburg with 46 in manassas and gaithersburg. i'm not going to show you a wind chill map. massive amounts of moisture and rain rolling. in we have actually saw a picture on facebook in martinsburg. there's flooding in martinsburg. they had 5 inches of rain, ooding in south central pennsylvania in fulton and franklin county and another batch of rain will continue to move across the bay into the metro area. so local impact, leesburg, we're looking at critical times now through 2 p.m., 70 mile-per- hour wind not out of the question, frederick a 75 mile- per-hour wind looking more and more likely. you're critical until 2 p.m., 3 to 6 inches of rain. you've already had about 4. fairfax and the district up to 70 miles per hour as well, rainfall 3 to 7 inches, critical now between 2 p.m. again tomorrow and la plata in southern maryland 65 miles per hour, but you get into extreme southern maryland into st. mary's county. we just saw a wind gust st. mary's city of 63 miles per hour and the big winds aren't even here yet, rainfall 4 to 8 inches, some ar
beemams. patchy fog reported in gaithersburg. in the district and to the south. a shower late in day, 68-73. let's check on traffic with angela. reduced visibility out there the roads this morning. allow for some extra travel time. get our first look at 66. it's quiet even though you are fog.nding with no early troubles from a market. looks good to the beltway and continuing to the roosevelt bridge. h no early troubles from eymarket. looks good on 29. for those driving on 95, no for you as you way towards the capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 4:45, 52 degrees. >> a roller-coaster week and for the redskins. more on the >> genon power plants in closesria officially today. potomacated along the river. jobs will be lost. neighbors say they're glad it's closing. pollution from the plant was problems.alth >> if the wind blew in the wrong it blew directly into my room on the 14th floor. >> in has been a menace for my life and can be significant at times. >> officials say the main reason plant is closing is because is more efficient coa they say very little of the dust the residen
's at the united methodist n gaithersburg to honor the 10 people died during the three weeks. john allen mohammed and lee boyd malvo were convicted. malvo is serving a life sentence in a virginia prison and his accomplice was executed. funeral mass today for a two sonsoman and her o were shot and killed by the father.'s family members and friends your last night for petersons. her husband albert killed his taking his own life. funeral is at 10:00 a.m. in reston. >> important news for job- seekers. job fair today in arlington 10:30 until 2:00 p.m. at on north fortn at. drive jobs will be available in maintenance, retail, and more. fever.izing bieber >> and now more from linda bell. users,all the facebook feed may be full of postings covering last night's debate. maybe you have a special message that you think warrants attention. if you got engaged or you are holding a garage sale, now you chance to bump it up at your friends news feeds, but at a price. . $7 per it's another way for facebook to revenue. -- $7 per post. the associated press says a web $1e that may have to pay violating a child colle
. >> this was the vigil in gaithersburg last night to honor the 10 people died when john allen mohammed and lee boyd malvo went on the killing spree in october 2002. >> it was necessary to relive and to share with these people the healing that needs to go on and will continue to go on in my life every time i about my best friend. >> organizers raised at million dollars to help the the beckhams family's. >> the third intensifying for fairfax county teenager who mysteriously disappeared on monday. bryan glenn is a will swoodson high school senior. police are using bloodhounds and a helicopter to search for him. >> this individual disappeared vanished, out of context. in many cases there's some kind of clue as to why that would happen, but we are not seeing that. >> police are poring over a dunkin' donuts surveillance video that shows him inside the store monday morning by himself. the video does not show if anyone else was in the car. that car and his computer and cellphone are in police possession. >> arlington parents stepping up the fight to get their kids bused to school. some campbell elementary school
at dulles, 37 in frederick, 39 in gaithersburg. maybe some limited sunshine this little patchy fog. mostly cloudy. some showers in the afternoon. i think it will get warmer later this week. foster.ngela >> not a lot happening. nice.y we expect you to have the run of road especially through the next few minutes. in springfield, we are moving quite well. no delays and very light .raffic we are looking at very nice beltway.n the not seeing anything. here's a live look at the american legion bridge. inner loop and outer loop g well through for the and maryland monday. our back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. the search resumes this morning fairfax teenager was missing for about a week. will gather at the park in search of any close in e disappearance of 17-year-old .ryan glenn he vanished after dropping his brother off at school. on surveillance video at dunkin' donuts on fairfax circle. his car was found nearby at the park. his family says that there's no activity on his cellphone, his social media, or his bank account. a funeral service this marymountr the university professor struck and killed
. temperatures are mild, 66 at national, 61 at dulles, 59 in gaithersburg. are expressed forecast, we will be warming up nicely, mid 70's this afternoon. showers on and off. we will tell you about some the seven-day forecast in a moment. first, traffic with angela. >> good morning. getting ready for the tuesday morning drive. for the mostpot part. the accident on westbound route the b-w parkway. the ramp is closed from westbound 100. if you are traveling in maryland on 95, the overnight work at 215 is blocking a lane. no overnight work zones on 95 in virginia as you drive from garrissonville and continuing to boulevard, a small strip 295.he way up to lanes are open northbound and southbound between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. our big story, another huge themplishment for washington nationals. next step in the process as its firsts clinched nl east division title. >> this is despite their loss to the phillies. john gonzalez is live from at the sporting goods store which is opening early to out the championship merchandise the. >> that's right. how
or less in some areas. tech out your temperature is now. gaithersburg and frederick, 43 in martinsburg. we will gradually warmed up throughout the day. are in between two systems. had sprinkles late yesterday evening. you can see that right here. pulling away from us. to take its place, clouds on the western should be arriving later on today. the rain has been heavy across parts of the deep south. a strong area of low pressure some wind to go along with it. it will take its time writing up through here. will stay in the one sector the most part, so are temperatures will be -- will bebi comfortable. today, increasing clouds, late- s possible, 68-73. shaw was more likely late tonight, 52-60. there's a chance of rain on and off through the morning on wednesday. of 81 degrees.e then we will slide down with temperatures. let's check on traffic now with angela. >> good morning, everyone. traffic volumes are starting to build. quite well around the capital beltway in virginia and maryland. headed towards the now, notn 66 right many traffic troubles making the trip from front grill all the 695.o o
right now, cooler out there and in gaithersburg. 47at martinsburg to the rest and 53 at dulles, 53 at baltimore and fredericksburg to the south. as we look at the national picture, it's a good indication where that front sell asmoved through and look at the cooler air behind us. and into the 30s. we're not ready for that yet and this frontal ceo moved out and will push its way towards the east as we move through tonight. as we do what we did last week, there lob linebacker cooler air, significant temperature drop as that, light northerly winds and it's going to end up bringing us wet weather as we see a low pressure system develop across the carolinas and that will get widespread across the region into the course of certainly and there is -- tomorrow. there is a football game happening and that is going to be cold and chilly. and look at the 3:00 hour. i anticipate some of the rain will move in closer that lady, the 10, 11:00
in gaithersburg, 50 in winchester. get into the sixties afternoon. 62 at noon with sunny skies, 66 at 5:00. adam caskey is out live. find out where, in less than 10 minutes. angela.raffic with >> an excellent drive for the part into virginia. alexandria, arlington, doing well on 395. a live look at traffic on route lanes open.l in virginia, the only reported is southbound 95 between point rd.rd. and an active work zone through the four corners between new hampshire and university boulevard, the new traffic has two lanes to the right, but all lanes are open well.tting by back to you. >> thank you. our big story, president obama's campaign says expect more performance from the commander in chief tonight. the men will face off at hofstra university in a town hall format. preview.alez has a >> mitt romney clearly won the first debate. raised $170dy during his campaign, just shy of the president. heading into their second , can he keep the momentum going? tonight's presidential debate setting, town hall which means audience members be asking the questions, are stillans who undecided. >> both candidat
at the area airports. and gaithersburg 0.8. annapolis, down to a third of a mile. as well as central and southern send dou shenandoah valley. the visibility will be low for the next three or four hours. heymarket, a little bit of drizzle around, but then by early afternoon, climbing in to the 80s. i'm back with a look at big changes for the weekend in ten minutes.changes for the weekend minutes. >> let's talk road work. university boulevard, you'll see cones set up just blocking the left side of the roadway, but it should be just about over. and tom mentioned low visibility in gaithersburg, but i want to give you a live look in german town, you can see quite foggy at father hurley boulevard, but you're clear to rockville as far as accidents or construction. >>> it is now 4:43. still to come, how a disgraced former coach at penn state is fighting back against the school. >>> plus >>> welcome back. officials where a ferry company says the vessel recently passed in-special. the general manager says he's still waiting to talk to the ferry captain who is in the hospital and unable to talk
. temperatures are nice. in fact, this is as warm as it has been downtown. 72. 68 in gaithersburg and 66 also in manassas. for tonight, mostly cloudy, mild, shower. we'll have fog. low temperatures in the 60s. that fog could be a problem for the morning commute. we'll come back and talk about that and also talk about a touch of summer heading our way. >> sounds good, thank you, sir. does dan schneider want that big casino at the national harbor? you can bet on it. they come out in support of question 7 on the november ballot in maryland. if passed, question seven would green light a new casino and okay vegas style table games in maryland's slot parlors. the redskins say as a member of the business community, the team is obligated to speak out in support of major economic development. >>> seven people arrested tonight after a deadly collision. 38 people died monday night in what is being called ho kong's deadliest accident in more than 15 years. despite the arts, investigators aren't sure how the boats ran into each other on a clear night and on one of the safest waterways. >> investigators
with temperatures and we have temperatures around 50. 52 downtown and some 40s showing up though. 48 gaithersburg and we're looking at 45 in hagerstown and still 52 though in manassas. here's the deal for the trick- or-treats. earlier you go out the warmer it's going to be obviously. 6:00 about 52. 7:00 about 50. and by 8:00 it will be about 49. we'll say mostly cloudy skies. you'll see a few peeks of the moon and just a slight chance of a sprinkle and all in all after considering what it was like here monday not too bad. back to you. >>> we have been talking about it all week long. dealing with the power outages. it's a pain for anybody who's stuck in that station but coming your way at 7:00 we'll show you how one man is using his car to power his home. plus, the latest on the clean- up after superstorm sandy. all at 7:00. >> i hope he's being careful there. >> i do too. >> thank you. still to come in this half hour, diss posing of the debris after sandy. we're going to share one county's plan. >> if sandy left you standing a heap of rubble and you have questions about your insurance coverage, w
to the west anyway, 59 vienna, gaithersburg, 60 bethesda, 62 college park and even 60 out toward bowie. so we'll dry out pretty quickly tonight. your late night with the dog, no worries. some wet spots for the evening commute, cooler tomorrow but very nice. grab your shades and milder wednesday. we'll be right about average on wednesday which is right about 70. breezy with showers and storms ending early, clearing and mild, 44 to 52, winds becoming northwest 10 to 15. this is not going to usher in the cold air we had friday night. mostly sunny, cool tuesday morning, maybe a light jacket for the kids, 40s and 50s and by afternoon very nice day, mostly sunny and cooler, but perfectly nice, high temps around 65, not that breezy, winds out of the northwest at 10:00. zone forecast, you'll probably struggle, but we'll give you 50 tomorrow in oakland, 58 in cumberland, sunshine from the mountains to the coast, 62 in winchester, maybe 60 in hagerstown, mid-60s, 66 in culpeper, but 64 warrenton, manassas, leesburg, maybe 65 in fairfax. downtown 66, 65 in rockville and also gaithersburg and mid- 60s in
.an at dulles and gaithersburg. should talk about the middle to upper 60's. there's the cloud cover. g to move rather will be waiting for a cold front from the upper forest to bring changes tomorrow. troubling tomorrow -- no airport delays. minneapolis.places like expectedorms are there. p.m., we will5:00 down to the lower 40's. steve and cynn√Č. >> thank you. we turn now to be trayvon martin for june 10. the second-degree murder case zimmerman.rge there were in court today for hearings on evidence. isy say the prosecution dragging in turning over evidence in the shooting death of trayvon martin. a firsthand account coming up. >> and wounded were veteran gets welcome. what he says was his -- [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt. thick, scrumptious, and more protein than those regular yogurts. are those almonds i see in thcorner thingy? aramelized almonds i think you'll find. well, who wants ordinary run-of-the-mill almonds when you could have the caramelized kind? if i was this girl, i'd caramelize my whole apartment. weird. this greek sty
heading up into rockville and 54 in gaithersburg. one of the warmest spots, 57 in college park and 56 in bowie. the winds are still a factor gusting to 30 downtown, 18 mile- per-hour wind gusts up in frederick and a 20 mile-per- hour wind gust in hagerstown. notice the arrows due northerly winds which will bring in colder air and drier air. that's the key. cover your plants tonight. dress for the 40s and 50s if you're headed outful cool but nice tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow is -- out. cool but nice tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow is like today, a couple degrees warmer and no wind. breezy and warm sunday, warm and unsettled monday, but the warm temps will make up for the showers monday. clear and colder tonight, frost or freeze possible, winds diminishing late 30 to 42. we're looking at temperatures, college park maybe low to mid- 30s, 33, 34, but rockville 32, 31 gaithersburg, reston, 32 fairfax and sterling, 30 in leesburg. down toward brandywine and la plata upper 30s should do it. you're not under an advisory. the frost advisory has been expanded to include the district and prince georg
out o, some rain. you go past gaithersburg, up 270. some light rain as you go through frederick and toward hagerstown. look at the temperatures. upper 40s in some spots. 49 in rockville. 49 also in great falls and 49 in vienna. only 50 in arlington and 52 over in bowie. these are 10, 15 degrees below average. i don't want you to think you have to bring your plants in. there are frost advisories in foal ton and franklin county and there are some freeze warnings in effect on the other side of the divide. that's the other side of the divide and down into west virginia. so growing season is over there. still not quite over here. cool and unsettled. keep your umbrella handy tonight. it's going to be chilly. you need a jacket as well. you need a jacket tuesday, but improving on wednesday. temperatures get closer to average. all right, here's our future cast. late tonight, some showers shift more to the south and east. you begin to get dryer air to the north and west. we'll put this into motion. some showers, anne arundel county, could be a wet chute tomorrow morning. nothing heavy,
, we have 52 already in gaithersburg. 54 up in frederick. air mass is dry and winds will subside here shortly. temperatures will fall a little bit. 53 in manassas. 54 in leesburg and 54 up in frederick. 55 in hagerstown. satellite picture, we have generally clear skies right now. clouds back to the south and west, we'll roll in later tonight. for the most part, clear to partly cloudy. tonight, cool, winds diminish. lows 42 to 52. winds become light after midnight. we'll come back and talk about a cold front and roll through here thursday evening. we'll see if it will generate storms and look ahead to the weekend. thank you. still ahead, an employee speaking out for the first time since she was put on administrative leave for signing a petition to help with same-sex marriage. >>> and now, we'll take you back to hofstra university where president obama and mitt romney are warming up for round two. what to expect when they face off in the big debate tonight. >>> tonight, we have continuing coverage of tonight's presidential debate. it's going on at 9:00. let's check in with anita brikman
on the scene of leak in gaithersburg. here.pened there was a road closure and the evacuation for businesses. washington gas crews are working control the flow. no word on how long it will take. one person's carbon monoxide have saved lives morning in alexandria around 6:30 this morning. the fire department was called t complex on then torn street. they found dangerous levels of inside and it later tracked the source to the boiler room. >> to 100 homes and businesses howard county art without after a water main break. expected to take until to getis afternoon this comes as repairs are breaked to a water main kensington and that flooded several basements. beautiful or worse you want to hear when you about october weather. don't.usually so much this late in the season. becauset continues be one of the last 80- degree days for the rest of the year. already at 68 degrees an average high as 66 so we have already passed that. we probably will not have the of 84 degrees. 75 in gaithersburg and culpeper and 76 in frederick the burglary high pressure is controlling our weather. ofre is quit
in our area. 122 kentlands boulevard in gaithersburg and in the district at 1825 connecticut avenue northwest. >>> after eating pasta, you might want to have a little bit of a food coma break. maybe a comfortable place to rest. sears has a deal on a la-z-boy recliner. you can buy one today for $499.99 plus free shipping. this model normally sells for just below 1200 bucks. if you have a deal if our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. i'm jessica doyle, 9news now. >>> we're concerned about sandy. is it going to touch us and if so when? >> it probably will. the questions we v we don't know how much we're going to get from this storm. we don't know if we're just going to get a glancing blow or maybe more of a direct hit. if it happen it is will be late sunday, more likely monday maybe into as late as tuesday. i think monday will be the key day at this point with this storm for us. but it could linger for a couple of days. it's going to be a big storm, even if it doesn't hit us, it's going to be a big storm. might be a big storm in the northeast. it may get up to maine.
. gaithersburg and frederick 57. but still, we have 63 out to the west of us and leesburg and 57 in manassas. and everyone 56 up in martinsburg. satellite picture, radar combined, some clouds earlier, high and mid level clouds. we have more clouds to the west. these will roll in tonight, not going to rain or anything, but high, mid level clouds. partly to mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. 46 to 54. it's a big deal. winds south, southeast 10 to 15. we'll come back and talk about why we declared tomorrow a yellow alert day and talk about the threat of storms and when they might roll in. >>> thank you, top. still ahead, a 20-year-old jug of barbecue sauce sells for $10,000 on ebay? you'll never guess why. find out what is so special about this sauce, even though you wouldn't want to think about eating it. >>> an update for the trial of two prince georges county cops accused of beating up a student. wait until you hear what happened in court today. >>> a judge has thrown out the most serious charge leveled against the pair of prince georges county cops accused of beating a student at university o
mcqueen. he shot michael mcqueen in 2006 in their apartment in the gaithersburg. he was convicted in 2008 but this did -- the decision was thrown out. >> who is at the center of a sex tapes can the controversy tonight? >> the salehis keep turning. the proposal for the woman at a woman at the center of the state party crasher in. >> [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a famimily can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. r many middle class families medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing ho fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i wowould say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such
the winds with the current temperature. feels like 34 in frederick. 44 in gaithersburg. feels like 52 in annapolis because the winds have settled down but 42 in winchester. definitely feeling december 'ish for halloween. a nice shot of the capitol building but still lots of clouds in place. only 49 degrees at reagan national and feels like 45 with the dew point of 38 and the winds at 9 miles per hour. a wide view of your satellite shows just how expansive sandy still is and we have another system approaching from the pacific northwest that will impact us as we head into next week. but in the meantime sandy slowly lifts out of here. the remnants of sandy. and we will enjoy a pretty decent weekend i think. so we can look forward to that in our forecast. as we head through the rest of today, 51 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 54 in downtown d.c. and only 52 in fredricksburg and overnight tonight only dipping into the 40s downtown. 40 degrees in hagerstown and martinsburg because of the clouds helping to keep those temperatures in check. so over the next three days, we still have code yello
're down to a mile and a half in gaithersburg. a mile in leesburg and right now, camp springs also dropping down under a mile visibility. it is going to get awfully thick and awfully low by tomorrow morning. you can see the heavy rain. that left our area about lunch time today. we're left with just a few scattered showers that are down south right now. charles county, calvert county, saint mary's county and that is where i've got the possible of some rain showers until about midnight for all of us, we've got a chance to see some drizzle. we're in the 70s >>> cloudy weather is not dampening the spirits of nats fans after the team won. the division title. tom sherwood is outside with more on how the fans are still buzzing about how it all went down. >> reporter: fans stuck with the nats and now they're winning and getting national attention. >> you think about the 1948 -- >> reporter: everybody loves a winner but new york times deputy washington bureau chief contractual is a cubs fan who admitted in writing his long affair with the nats. ost 100 games this n. year. for only the third time, ev
the gaithersburg region, 46 degrees by 7:00 with showers likely. showers again by 11:00. waking up tomorrow to very chilly numbers. 40 degrees in and around the gaithersburg area. that's not all we deal with early in the morning. we'll talk about that in a minute. >>> breaking news out of fairfax county. a body has been found in the woods not far from where missing teenager bryan glenn's abandoned car was located. police sources tell us at this point they don't believe the death is suspicious. searchers found the body during a massive search by friends, family and volunteers. it was located off a pathway just beyond the area where police and bloodhounds searched last week. fairfax county police don't have a positive i.d. on the body yet. that will come after an autopsy is done. the wt woodson high school student disappeared a week ago after dropping his brother off at school. >>> a 22-year-old bladensburg man has been shot dead by police at a home where his girlfriend was working. police tell us the man called 911 and said he had a gun and wanted to kill himself, or have police do it. news4's pat c
's the current numbers. you can see where the current numbers are. the coolest, gaithersburg coming in at 57. 57 in hagerstown. 64 in couple pepper and a nice 66 down toward fredericksburg. no rain to talk about. we won't see any chances for rain over the next 24 to 48 hours. as we move through the night, right through the morning. let's head to alexandria. going down to about 55 degrees at 11:00 and up to a temperature of about temperatures of 44 degrees with some sunshine. starting off cool. i'll show you where we go from there in my forecast. >>> coming up -- chaos and confusion heard on the costa concord i can't's black box. the final moments as the cruise ship ran aground. >> he is one of the leaders in charge of dulles rail. the dulles toll road and our local airports and he is coming out swinging against his critics. the story coming up. >>> an art heist that has left investigators puzzled just how did thieves make off with picassos and monets worth hundreds of millions of dollars? and it is a day some local maryland schools are number one in america because we invest in them. but we can
happennd in germantown and gaithersburg.... and cases are similar. "there's seeeral reasons at this point. fiist is a similar puspect escciption in each single female that usuaaly ttinn is that each incident has occurred during niggt time " hours." police have suspect ....but say its likely his appearance has changed. 3one year later... and stilllno arrests in thh death of an art ssudent in southwest altimore. now theevictim's family is stepping up thhir demands for justice.last septeeber at he corner of lombard street...bruue benn... who had no criminal reeord... was shot in the headd tte ffmily's no one's been arrested. &punsolved homiiide, i hope for tte bbtter but i on't see nothhng changingg changgng" the family says they wiil cootinue to hold out hope that someone soon will break their silence. ten years after paralyzing the &pnorthern virginnaa d-c and maryland areas with fear... convictee sniper lee boyymalvo expesses remorse in aanew post.malvo says he felt like the worst piecc of scum on the pllnet... as he recalls a husbands face after killing his wife in
at reagan national, 54 at dulles and gaithersburg. 65 by 9:00, 75 at noon, 80 degrees at 5:00 with sunshine and warm conditions. we will talk more about the changes in a little while. first, let's head over to traffic with angela. >> good morning. the friday morning commute, a crash southbound 270 near montgomery village. we will investigate. in the meantime, interstate 66, making the commute from haymarket, moving quite well. this is 66 and glebe road.keep in mind, crystal city, there is a closure on glebe road due to a utility pole down. northbound lanes expected to reopen at noon today. southbound will reopen sometime before 6:00. it's between the joists street and south hay. back to you. >> thank you. -- joyce street and hay. >> the associated press reporting a couple minutes ago that an american gunman in a shooting in israel has been shot dead by authorities in israel. they are saying all this appears to stem from some sort of argument or dispute that this american was having with one of the employees of that hotel. the hotel is the leonardo club hotel on the red sea, a resort city in
at 66 at reagan national, 67 adults, 66 in gaithersburg, 64 degrees i frederick. we will reach the low 70's this afternoon. the chance of showers will increase. at dulles currently. let's check on the morning with jamie. >> time to get up and going. park police have wrapped up on george washington parkway northbound just about. still seeing some barrels and construction workers. southbound lanes have been opened. problems on 95 between stafford city.le in manassas, sudley road near manassas mall have been reopened. 270 past falls road, a quiet start. back to you. >> thank you. the criminal trial begins today two prince george's county officers for accused of beating an unarmed university of maryland student. the incident was caught on tape. john gonzalez is in the upper marlborough with what we can expect in court. >> in just a few hours those two george's county police trial inwill be on ofer marlborough, accused assaulting university of john mckennaent off campus. this was after videotape from a surface, showing the involving the officers in full riot gear and batons. the then-21 yea
about. 270 is quiet out of germantown. down to the beltway. theleaving gaithersburg to beltway, looking good. one problem spot in virginia, a annandale.s crash in backlick road is closed south of the little river turnpike. it closed in each direction. accident investigation is under way. back to you. >> thank you. degrees. it's a preview of the this between theme it's a[ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn. it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with fthgers gourmet selections, you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simplymp keurig. >> welcome back. now to the live desk. >> more information from jummy .labanji regarding wikileaks >> we just received word of leak of classified documen
in gaithersburg. just some 40's and '50's. 50 in gaithersburg, 52 at dulles 55 at reagan national, 45 in manassas, 43 in culpeper. the big changes i was talking about, there's a strong cold front that's been producing severe weather across the deep south. the rena in the ohio valley -- rain in the ohio valley, some of that energy will swing our way. clouds will increase to night. by the drive home we could see showers and thunderstorms. this will continue through the overnight hours tonight and into tomorrow morning before things dry out and we have sunshine tomorrow afternoon. morning sunshine today giving way to increasing clouds this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms possible late, 68-73 degrees. a few storms could be severe tonight, 46-56. clearing out by the weekend. highs in the mid to upper 60's. let's check on traffic with steve. >> good morning. this is the beltway in silver spring right now. this is the inner loop heading eastbound on 495 on the way towards college park at colesville road. the backup beginning just before the colesville road exit to get into the work zone at universi
of the sniper attacks that terrorized the d.c. area. last night, well wishs are gathered in gaithersburg to honor the victims. one by one, stories were told of each victim and what they were doing before they were gunned down. ten people were killed and three others hurt during that shooting spree. >>> here is a question for you. how safe is your car. coming up next, we'll tell you which cars got the top marks in the late crash test. >>> the american idol cat fight. new details in this verbal meltdown between nicki minaj and mariah carey and some ugly allegations. [ kreg smith ] i'm third generation military. i served in the army, two tours over there. when i got back from iraq, i was searching for new jobs. [ lionel hamilton ] veterans make great employees, because you know they've already got expertise and they've got job skills instilled in them from the military. [ kreg smith ] what i've learned, being deployed overseas, is a high sense of adaptability, leadership skills, and teamwork. [ lionel hamilton ] ge doesn't hire veterans because they're veterans. we hire veterans because the
by 5:00. beautiful average high is about 72. 54 right now gaithersburg. winchester 59. it's 53 in luray. down toward fredericksburg 57. same in easton. and as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, not bad at all this morning. really good visibility under clear skies. 64 degrees. winds are calm at reagan national on the humidity 78% but those dew points which were near 70 yesterday morning are now in the 50s. so as mike said a lot drier feel to the air and by the time we get to sunday a lot colder feel to the air. we got temperatures this morning i show you this map here because i want to show you the trends of the 30s and 40s up in the north. that's the high today. a foot of snow in northwest minnesota yesterday. but this cool air mass will dive south and east. be to dallas and oklahoma city tomorrow and be into detroit. 55. chicago only 51. be in the 70s on saturday for us but by sunday here comes the chill. 50s in greensboro and 48 in marquette. storm system spinning up here north of the lake superior. this is what brought the snow to northwestern minnesota. frontal bou
any road work as you continue towards the gaithersburg area and even make the trip to rockville. no issues to report at the spur and connecting to the beltway. a live camera at the beltway. you're traveling issue free. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. >>> decision 2012 now comes to virginia today as both candidates try to earn some votes in the critical swing state. president obama will visit with students at george mason university in fairfax this morning while mitt romney will be in coal country at a machinery company in abbingdon. the president trying to get his campaign back on track after what pundits called a poor debate performance. yesterday he took aim at the change romney is promising during a rally at the university of wisconsin. >> fame, top down economic policies that got us into this mess. that's not a jobs plan. it's not a plan for our economy. it's not a plan to strengthen the middle class. it is not change. it is a relapse. >> this is the second day in the commonwealth for mitt romney. yesterday he and running mate paul ryan were both in fishersville o
that are really seeing a wide range at this hour. we're down to about a 1/2-mile at gaithersburg and about .3- mile at dulles. we had seen visibility getting much better in d.c. but recently seeing it drop again. that's because we have a boundary of warmer air trying to come through. not everybody is getting the fog. if the warm front has come through your region, your visibility is pretty good like at quantico and fredericksburg, but this will vary. wherever that boundary is bumping into the cooler air it is creating some fog. here's what i'm talking about. what a temperature contrast. it's 63 at dulles, but it's 71 in d.c. just down to our south and east right around maybe a little close to the leonardtown area is where the warm frontal boundary is trying to push more north and west but is struggling. that's why you see the low 60s to the north of it. that's where there's more fog and drizzle. south of it we've got low 70s and even upper 70s like salisbury at 77 and raleigh at 87. they were up to 87 today, down to 77 degrees now, so obviously a lot of fog out there, a couple hours. this is
this commute southbound 270. the pace improves only to slow again approaching 124 in gaithersburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >>> the big story this morning, d.c. sports fans have reason to celebrate. the nats won the nl east. >> is in the team's first title since moving to d.c. eight years ago. fox 5's dave ross is live outside nats park, home of the division champion with some reaction. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: how good does that sound. home of your national league east champions. for the first time, they came here in 2005. i'll never forget covering that team, that very first team. it felt like an expansion team. just seven, eight years later, the nat are champs of the nl east. they didn't win the game yesterday against the philadelphia phillies, losing 2- 0. but that was academic. in the top of the ninth inning, everybody here at nats park got the good word that atlanta had lost in pittsburgh 2-1. so that was. it the magic number was zero and your washington nationalled became national league east champs for the first time ever. i
at the number. 61 in leesburg. 57 in gaithersburg. 59 in win chester and 62 in fredericksburg. as you look at the rain, no rain out there right now. i would be surprised to see one or two sprinkles around town this evening as we are looking at a little bit of a system passing overhead. another little coast aal system toward the east. it is going to stay cool. the showers should stay off toward the east overnight. by tomorrow, that area of low pressure lifts out and we see some nice weather move in here. i think tomorrow will be a pretty nice day after some morning clouds. we should be a-okay. especially for the nats game. it should be a great day for a ball game of maybe a little on the cool side. especially if the clouds stick around. if you're not in the shade, okay. the high pressure sticks around for thursday. thursday looking great. once again, we'll have a game on thursday. plenty of sunshine. high temperatures a little cooler into the low to middle 60s. this evening, more clouds, still cool. 53 to about 57 degrees. the winds out of the north at 5 to 10 miles an hour. tomorrow, up fo
germantown. actually father hurley boulevard as you travel toward germantown and gaithersburg before the pace improves. back over to our maps and this time to the west side of town. there have been no issues on 66 or the dulles toll road trying to get to the beltway. let's take a live look outside if you're planning to head here on the northbound side of 95 at backlick road it looks okay. we'll go to our live picture as well where there's been ongoing accident investigation cleanup of this single-vehicle fatal accident in annandale. backlick road at john mar drive. you can see the damaged vehicle has been put on the tow truck here and hopefully things should open up here shortly. backlick road at john mar drive. i'll be back with a look at the area roads again at 6:43. back to you guys. >>> hurricanes and politics or at least big storms anyway. let's get over to our partners at cbs this morning to see what they're talking about this morning. charges are both of them. >> charlie rose joins us live with a preview of what's coming up at 7:00. good morning. how are you? >> good morning, mike and
the rest of the region, here's where we sit. 61 in gaithersburg. 64 in the d.c. area and in culpepper. also, 68 degrees over there toward fredericksburg. as we look toward the west, 61 in winchester. and 59 in hagerstown. once again, a fairly cool afternoon. we won't call it cold by any means because with plenty of sunshine, it is be all that bad out there. as far as the rain is concerned, we're all dry. we will stay all dry right through the rest of the night tonight and really over the next couple of days. the best chance of rain now looking like it could come toward the end of the week. if you're thinking about heading toward alexandria, maybe crossing over the woodrow wilson bridge, toward oxon hill, this is what you can expect. 60 by 7:00. 55 by 11:00, waking up to a cool 49. many of you will be in the 30s. i'll show you who coming up. >>> in the race for the white house tonight, we are downing down to the second debate of the 2012 presidential election. president obama and mitt romney take the stage at 9:00 tonight. the democrats are predicting a more lively president. there you go. a
. temperatures, a bit below average but not bad, 66 gaithersburg, bethesda and vienna, 67 down toward burke and looking at 70 in college park and 66 in bowie. temps a bit below average. we should be in the low 70s. a bit chilly tonight. you'll need your shades tomorrow, cooler thursday, a respectable day but cooler and you'll need your jackets at the nats game. it's a 4:00 game, so temperatures in the 50s through parts of the game. tonight clear, breezy, chilly, keep the windows closed, talking upper 30s to upper 40s and winds northwest 10 to 15. so if you're in the burbs tonight, you'll be in the upper 30s to around 40, 39 gaithersburg, maybe 41 rockville, 48 arlington and string field and downtown, but low -- springfield and downtown, but low 40s in college park and bowie, barely 41 in reston, fairfax, sterling, leesburg and manassas looking up upper 30s tonight. there's a free warning in effect for our mountains. get -- freeze warning in effect for our mountains, get way out across the divide. the growing season will end there tonight. temperatures there will be in the upper 20s. tomorro
. be aware of that inside the beltway. 270 looks great. no problems out of gaithersburg into rockville and bethesda. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like on 270 at shady grove road. people are headed to work but not causing any delays yet. let's go back over to the maps and this time to the southern maryland side of town. no problems out of brandywine, accokeek to 210 to the wilson bridge. no problems out of upper marlboro, andrews air force base and route 4. on the northbound side of i-95 looking good in springfield from route 644 right up to the beltway. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:24. mike, annual dray ya? >> thank -- andrea? >> thanks, monika. >>> their seasons are over but both the nationals and orioles manager are getting a major award. >> home crowd enjoys a history making performance in game one of the world series. highlights next in sports. >> before we go, let's take another look at the question of the day. 20% of men say they do this whenever they have a bad day. is it a, work out, b, pray, or c call mom? >> sharon wrote on our fa
upper 40s. same with gaithersburg 48. so this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds. pleasantly warm. high temperatures mid- to upper 70s, even around 80. maybe 81 out toward culpeper. 5:00 a.m. here comes monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >>> all is quiet this morning i'm happy to say. construction has been cleared up. no issues to report as you travel on the beltway or the major thoroughfares trying to get there, including 270 out of frederick. we're looking great as you travel in from i-70 down toward germantown and the point where the lanes divide. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first here on 270 at shady grove road. all lanes are open in both directions of 270, looking great this morning in gaithersburg. this time to the maps in virginia. on the northbound side of 95, no issues out of woodbridge as you cross the okay quain river into spring -- occoquan river into springfield. at duke street northbound 395, again both the main and hov lanes are looking great to the 14th street bridge. same story on 295 northbound to the 11th street bridge. i'll be b
the numbers for the rest of the area, 68 in martinsburg. cooler in gaithersburg because of rain that moved through there. the cool air making its way in across the area. here they are right now, you can see them coming through. we saw pre-frontal moisture ahead of this. now we're seeing the thunderstorms line up with the front itself back toward the west, in through loudoun county, around the lowell area, and down toward the south and east. once again, montgomery county, west of gaithersburg, this will move over 270, and right over i-95. the heaviest storm to the west of warrenton. we'll watch this one move to the east. heads-up in warrenton in the next five to ten minutes. you could at least see some of the thunder and heavier downpours coming through your area west of prince william county. we'll continue to see these showers and storms move through through the rest of the evening hours. then we start to clear out. notice the showers back to the west. these are actually induced by cold air. so the cold air trying to filter on in here. we're going to see cooler weather move in over the ne
frederick. most of the way in toward germantown and gaithersburg, going about 16 miles an hour off and on there. there was a deer struck early this morning at route 124. that was cleared a while ago but set the tone for a tough one on 270. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like here if you're planning to head to father hurley boulevard and off and on delays right on down the line here. let's go back over to the maps this time to the west side of town if you're planning to head inbound on i-66. not too bad. the slowest part is going to be here near route 50. we'll take a live look on the northbound side of 95. again off and on delays quantico, woodbridge and springfield. i'll be back with more traffic and a look at big picture at 6:358. nice weather today, guys. >> today nice. and changeable but howard is here to talk about what else we can expect down the road. >> it's going to be nice for a few more days. maybe 80 south and west. we'll hold on to this for a couple of days. the question mark for the weekend because we've got a tropical system in the caribbea
rockville. 58 up in gaithersburg. 52 in burke and looking at 53 in college in park and 51 out to laurel. and 51 also out to olney and brookville. chilly for the trick-or- treaters, temperatures 46 to about 52. have to keep the chance of a sprinkle in. mainly a dry commute tomorrow. that's nice. kids will need a jacket again in the morning with the 30s and 40s. and you'll probably need sunglasses too for part of the day tomorrow. tonight partly to mostly cloudy and breezy can cold and maybe a shower -- and scold and maybe a shower. -- cold and maybe a shower. winds west southwest at 150 to 15. now tomorrow morning becoming partly sunny breezy and chilly. i would grab a jacket in the morning, not take an umbrella. just a jacket. temperatures in the 30s and los and winds southwest southwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon partly sunny breezy and school and maybe a shower and high temperatures around 55 and winds westerly at about 10 to 15. so let's talk about the zone forecast then. oakland 33. snow shower. 44 in cumberland. 49 in hagerstown. not quite 50. maybe 52 though in mar tensburg. 54 war
much. take a look at the nuls. 57 in gaithersburg. 58 in martinsburg. where do we go tomorrow and what about the rest of the week? i'll have the forecast coming up. >>> a visitor helps spark riots in the streets of greece. a maryland teenager says he's been tortured by bullies and come under assault in front of tv cameras. a junk removal crew found a treasure in the trash. >> it was all red and sweaty an? >>> and nasa's rover is digging up a new discovery on mars. >>> it was a violent scene in athens, greece. riots broke out in the streets. at least 30 people were injured. it happened as 50,000 people hit the streets to protest a visit from german chancellor angela merkel. many in greece blame germany for the tough spending cuts enact in exchange for the cuts from the german government. today she encouraged greek reform but promised no more aid. >>> in russia, there is an investigation underway into an explosion. an explosion so powerful that buildings 20 miles away were shaken. 4,000 tons of ammunition blew up. soldiers unloaded it today at a weapons disposal site. the russian officia
in gaithersburg, 42 in dulles. i'm starting to see the temperatures come up a degree or two. from 45 to 46 in d.c. 47 in ft. belvoir and down around alexandria. 8:00 a.m. today, cold. break out the coat, 38 to 45. showers by midday, 48 to 53. your high today around 49 to 56 degrees throughout the area. let's hit the roads and see if we've got any problems on this columbus day. mike? >> thank you very much, veronica. >>> things looking great on the interstates. federal restrictions lifted because of the holiday. here we are at the american legion bridge. no serious backups. traffic heading away from the screen is the inner loop. and looking good on the sousa bridge in each direction. let's take another look at the rails right now. no marc or vre service. and metro is on a limited schedule. >>> yesterday's loss to the falcons may be the costliest for the redskins. rookie quarterback robert griffin iii never finished the game. he suffered a concussion on this hit in the third quarter. rg3 remained on the ground for a few moments after that play before stumbling to his feet. head coach mike shanaha
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